Free Transcript Project

The “Free Transcript Project” aims to promote especially interesting podcasts and videocasts by providing a free transcript for a specific episode, in addition to links to the podcast and related resources (including people and organizations). In addition to benefiting the podcast show the free transcript also benefits this site by acting as a showcase of transcription work and increasing SEO marketability strength (as the numerous words in a transcript are registered in the search engines).

If you are the producer or a fan of an especially interesting podcast, videocast, etc. and would like to see it be transcribed and further promoted on the web please submit the details via the form below.

Due to my current heavy workload of research, writing, etc., in addition to all of the tasks involved in creating a transcript and then completing the additional marketing tasks involved (ex. adding keywords, links, etc. to the transcript on the blog and then submitting through various channels) my goal is to process ONE podcast per week at this time. Therefore, I am very selective in the choice of the weekly project in terms of production and content quality.

In addition, the preferred length of the show should ideally be between 15-30 minutes, with the exception of ESPECIALLY interesting shows (for which an exception may be made). One reason for this is the sheer length of the transcript text. Another is the time it takes to transcribe.

I hope that these free transcripts will benefit the producers of the content and be taken as a donation of my labor in exchange for their effort of putting quality content out onto the web.

Please submit your recommendations here :


Feel free to donate some Bitcoin to support the research and writing effort of this blog.

Donate some Bitcoin to support the research and writing effort of this blog.


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