I started this blog as I began the process of exploring the online freelance transcription industry as an offshoot of my freelance writing and editing work. When I initially started researching the topic I found that it had many different aspects related to the evolution of technology and other important issues of our day. Although I eventually discovered a girth of information and resources on the topic, in the beginning stage I had found only a few sources and was not sure how reputable they were. I thought that it would be helpful for future “newbies” who are attempting to enter – or are thinking about entering – the industry to have a detailed case study of someone who had gone before them.

If you enjoy and/or benefit from the information presented in this blog feel free to donate a little something to cover my research and other related costs (ex. coffee, domain, hosting and software costs, etc.). You can donate to me through Coinbase via my personal payment page :


Also, feel free to make suggestions for topics you would like to see written about on this blog :



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